We’re Loud 90s Cassette Punk Unknowns


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Title: We’re Loud – 90s Cassette Punk Unknowns

Artist: Various

Label: Slovenly

Release date:

Track listing:

Mega & The Nyrdz “Rip Your Cunt”
Mega & The Nyrdz “I Lurk”
Pink Fingers “Theme Song”
Pink Fingers “Man In Pain”
Dismalt “Coach Blake”
Riky & The Buttz “I’m Poor”
Riky & The Buttz “We’re Riky & The Buttz”
Magister Ludi “We’re Loud”
Les Fleurs Du Mal “Look Into My Eyes”
Les Fleurs Du Mal “Sweet, Sweet Satan”
Drop Outs “She’s A Jyrk”
Drop Outs “Don’t Know”
Van Buren Wheels “C’mon And Be Mine”
Barf Bags “I’m A Sissy”
Barf Bags “Community Cunt”
Barf Bags “Beat It Up”
Crawlers “Black Monday”
Crawlers “I’m Gonna End It Tonight”
Crawlers “I’m Gonna Kill You”
Fucking Pigs “(I’m A) Date Rapist”
Fucking Pigs “Herpes Attack”
Heck Yeahs “I’m Better Than You”
Heck Yeahs “Headless Clown (I Am, I Am)”
Heck Yeahs “I Always Hated You”
Lumps “I’m Always Wrong”
Mid City Nuisance “I Go Creep”
Lukey & The Chicken Slitz “Johnny’s Packing A Gun”
Oblong Boxers “Have You Ever Had A Guy Roll Up On You”
Rosebuds “Destructor”
People’s Court “We’re Gonna Die”
Winners “1,2, You’re A Whore”
Winners “Jenny Was A Christian”
Winners “Johnny’s Night Out”